Get in the game and take Action

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Life is speeding past us so quickly that we often forget to stop and ask ourselves “Why am I here? What am I here to do? Am I living the life I want? Many people sacrifice living their fullest and best life because of fear. Fear of failing, fear of what people say. Fear has kept many trapped in their comfort zone. Do not let fear paralyze your life. Thinking will not overcome your fear but determination and action will.

Today I want to challenge you that if you have been a spectator in the game of life, because you left fear trap you in your comfort zone it is time to stop the voices in your head by taking action. Are you doing what you are supposed to do with your life, or are you watching other people fulfill their dreams and you are still wishing, hoping saying someday one day. No one has a contract with forever. Life is not guaranteed. Make the best use of your time now. You never know when that last time will be. Stop pushing off your dreams. The time will never be right. So make the decision to start now. Get in the game my friend. Stop staying in your comfort zone wasting your talents and your life. What are you afraid of? Face your fear and don’t let your fear prevent you from what you can do. Time is limited, so you must live and enjoy your dreams. It is time to let go of that fear that has been leaving you trapped and broke.

The journey to success in life is never a straight line. It is full of detours. Get coaching and mentorship from people who are in the game. Stop taking advice from people who are not even in the game. Look for someone who is doing what you want to do and have them mentor you to reduce your timeline. You can learn whatever it is you want to do. There is someone out there that has been assigned to you. You must get up and find them

You must start taking action. Stop talking and start taking action. It is good to have plans but perfect plans without action will not take you anywhere. Imperfect action is better than perfect plan with no action. Knowing principles are great but you can only learn in actuality not in theory

Some people have the fear of failure. Do not be afraid of failing. Remember. It takes 10,000 hours to master something. Start putting in your 10,000 hours through imperfect actions. The more imperfect action, the sooner you will master your skills. Remember the journey is never a straight line.

One of the reasons I became a coach was because I saw many who are wondering if the hustling and bustling of work is what there is to life. Some of these people were tired of being on a treadmill they couldn’t step off of. There was something bigger within them crying to get out. Some chased after success so bad that when they got up there, they realized it was leaning against the wrong wall. So even with success some were not fulfilled. You do not have to work 60 hours a week, nor stay in a job you hate. Your life is more than that.

The people who are living their fulfilled life have followed their dreams by taking imperfect action. They find role models, mentors and coaches to hold them accountable and reduce their timeline to success. They cared less about the critics and what others think. They crabbed their dreams by the horn and pursue it. Action is the source of all goals that are met, dreams that come true and legacies that are left.
Here are a few fast action tips to get into action

Gratitude: Be thankful and grateful for you. Be thankful for what you have. Gratitude opens the door for more.
Be intentional: What do you want? Do you know why you are here and what you are suppose to do?
Start small: You do not have to be great to start but you have to start in other to be great. you wait for the timing and circumstances to equal perfection? We all know that day will never come. Perfection is the enemy of Action.
Identify a mentor or coach that has accomplished what you want to achieve. Begin studying their business and model what has worked for them. Begin a growth relationship with them through a coaching or mentoring program. This will drastically reduce your timeline.
Join a community of like-minded individuals that are taking ACTION! There are online forums, meet-up groups, and professional organizations that cost nothing but will give you the support you need to break through and never look back!
Have someone hold you accountable. Stay focused and run your own race.
Take some time to think about what is possible for your future and make that decision to go after it. Never compare your behind the scene picture with someone else’s highlight. Focus on being the best version of yourself. It is your journey, it is your race focus is key.
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Kolbe Wisdom™

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Kolbe Wisdom™
Kolbe sees every person as uniquely and perfectly capable of creative problem solving.

The Kolbe Concept® holds that creative instincts are the source of mental energy that drives people to take specific actions. This mental drive is separate and distinct from passive feeling and thoughts. Creative instincts are manifested in an innate pattern that determines an individual’s unique method of operation, or modus operandi (M.O.).

A person’s M.O. is quantifiable and observable yet functions at the subconscious level. It governs actions, reactions and interactions. It also determines the person’s use of time and natural form of communication. Understanding and exercising control over this mental resource gives people the freedom to be their authentic selves.

When people act according to instinct, their energy is almost inexhaustible – like water running downhill. But when people are forced to act against their instinct, their energy is rapidly depleted – like water being pumped uphill.

Individual performance can be predicted with great accuracy by comparing a person’s M.O. with self-expectations and the requirements of specific tasks. Performance fluctuates based on how closely these elements align.

M.O.s vary across the general population and show no gender, age or racial bias. When groups of people with the right mix of M.O.s function interactively, the combined mental energy produces synergy. Teams organized along these lines can perform at a higher level than is possible for the same group of people functioning independently. Team performance is accurately predicted by Kolbe’s proprietary algorithms which determine the appropriate balance and makeup of M.O.s.

The Kolbe Concept is backed by substantial scientific research and validation and is examined in numerous research articles. Additional scholarship has focused on the historical and theoretical basis that underlies the Kolbe Concept. Products Products Products Products Products


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The mind is a fertile soil that will grow anything we plant in it. WHAT are we saying to ourself? We should realize that what we say is what we get? There is a popular saying that what you see is what you get. This is not so because we do not walk by sight, instead we walk by faith. It is important to control the words of our mouth. The words of our mouth is producing our lives. God knows the future because He has spoken the future. He spoke the world into existence. However, God put our future into our hands, through what we speak into our lives

It is important to train oneself in other to control the world and the future. Words are spirit and they are life. We cannot rise above what we allow ourselves to say or think. We speak our life into existence through the power of our words. We must control our mouth through controlling our mind. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. To control our thinking we must control our thoughts. Thoughts are things.

There are 3 sources from which we receive thoughts

Our 5 senses. Hearing, taste, smell, touch, sight. A lot of the things that have been learned came from our senses.

Devil ( the devil bombards the mind with negative thoughts even though he cannot read our mid)

God speaks to our spirit and our spirit speaks to our mind. The mind is like a machine.

To tell if our thoughts are good or bad, we must program our mind. We must renew our mind through God’s words. We must program our mind positively and empower ourselves in God’s words. When anything comes up against it, cast it down by God’s promises. We must put every thought under the obedience of God. It starts as thoughts, then imaginations, then strong hold, then the stronghold starts to control the person’s life. Remember we have power to pull down the stronghold. We must control our thoughts so it does not lead to imagination and stronghold.

We must never let frustrations, fear, anger, security, jealousy rule our heart. Let all thoughts to be subject to the peace God has given. Whenever a thought comes to our mind, and we know that we cannot follow that line of thinking in the word of God, then we must dismiss it. Anything that disturbs our peace is not from God so we must dismiss it. It is important to renew our mind with the word of God. Let our minds be ruled by the peace of God not our bills, our worries nor negative thoughts that leads to imaginations and strong hold. God’s word is victory.

Start thinking God’s word in all situations.Victory or defeat is born in the mind. To be successful, master the mind. Successful people have it in their minds that they will win. My encouragement is that it does not matter whatever situation we are in, if we can put correct thoughts in our mind, get that thought to become imagination.


Building Relationships for partnership Power

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There’s an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Six years ago, I was talking about my 5,000 connections on a mastermind. One of the like minded participant asked me, “Abiola I challenge you to connect with seven new people this week”. I have since them understood that broadcasting on social media to over 5000 people is not the same as connecting with seven people weekly. That challenge began my partnership power. It was very tough for me that week to connect with seven people. I managed to connect with three people. I immediately realized that I needed to work on building new and positive relationship. Partnership power helps one relate to people with sincerity and good connection.

Relationship building is indeed biblical. One of the golden rule is to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is important to work on building positive relationships aw well as stay connected with others. This makes people happy and build good health. Positive relationships indeed leads to good health and wealth. Its been said over and over again that people do business with those they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST. It is important to connect and build relationships not just to win friends and influence people but to have sincere interest in others, love them and treat them the way one desires to be treated. When a sincere and genuine relationship is built, reward follows.

In business building and life building, look for every opportunity to connect with people everyday and make friends. Nick Vujicic in a conference once asked how many people connect with cashier at the store? He said that for many that is when they pay more attention to their phones. Connection is important even with cashiers. There is opportunities all around us to connect and meet new people on a daily basis.

Nurturing relationship is also very important. Just like plants and flowers in the soil, water is needed to keep them alive. Similarly, mutual obligations are important in keeping relationships. To take life or your business to the next level, build and nurture new relationships.

The next level requires new relationships, enlarging the rolodex, nurturing existing relationships, community involvement and stop giving excuses of not having time. When I was young in nursery school, I remember us singing “ Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold” The beginning of making new friends may not be comfortable, but remember growth happens outside of the comfort zone. I encourage you, inspire you and motivate you to join the challenge of making 7 connections every week.

Your life is about to change, by building positive relationships.

With Love